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Is there life beyond storage resource management (SRM)? That's the question startup Akorri, just out of stealth, hopes to answer for data center managers intent on optimizing application performance across storage and network servers.

Akorri will officially launch next week by unveiling BalancePoint, software that performs capacity planning, change management, and root cause analysis across storage, servers, and applications. The software will optimize the performance of databases, email, file systems, and streaming media applications, the vendor claims.

Can one system really do all that? After all, the storage graveyard is littered with the bones of companies that tried to do SRM only and failed -- let alone do SRM plus all the rest.

Akorri founder and CTO Richard Corley says BalancePoint is an extension of SRM, application performance management, and enterprise systems management rather than a replacement for those applications. For instance, it doesn't do traditional SRM features such as provisioning storage or providing a physical topology of the network connections. Instead, it does what it needs to do to achieve specific performance goals.

"Many SRM tools do broader things," he says. "We take the application performance view."

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