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Airline Management Soars with Application Acceleration


The airline business is all about avoiding crashes--both physical and network. So when SkyVantage CEO Cory T. Robin developed an innovative airline reservation and management system that runs completely over the Web, he had to make absolutely sure it was as least as reliable as the incumbent reservation system that dominates the industry.

Challenging an industry standard is bold, but perhaps even gutsier is buying a product from the company making that challenge. This is especially true in the airline business, where application downtime can disrupt ticketing and boarding procedures, scramble baggage claims and ensure that angry travelers will choose a different carrier for their next trip. But the Salt Lake City-based SkyVantage now has more than a dozen regional airline customers, and the privately held company's infrastructure provides room to grow.

"We always have a huge amount of capacity that exceeds our production needs, both to deliver five-nines availability, and if a large customer wants to sign on with us, we can say, 'Yes, we have the infrastructure already built,'" Robin says.

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