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AdvestiCheck Launched

SAINT-CLOUD, France -- Advestigo, a leading provider of content recognition technology, widely recognized on the media and entertainment market, launches its range of security solutions for enterprises.

Nowadays, companies have two priorities when developing secure information
systems: to protect their intellectual and industrial property through enforcement of internal security policies and to comply with government security standards, whether international or national (Sarbanes-Oxley, Bale II).

Advestigo's software solutions make it possible for IT managers to monitor and control data stored on networks and workstations, and to prevent the deliberate or accidental leak of confidential information.

AdvestiGUARD(TM) solution, which helps prevent the leak of sensitive or confidential information, is currently being tested within pilot customers and will be released end of the year.

The first product, AdvestiCHECK(TM), released today, makes it possible for companies to monitor and scan IT networks (SAN, NAS servers, etc.) and workstations, and to identify any unauthorized storage of illegal, copyrighted or confidential data.