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Acopia Reaches Out

Acopia Networks Inc. is enhancing its file virtualization software to bring it out of the data center and across the enterprise.

Acopia this week will announce new global namespace and load balancing features for its ARX switches that make them more efficient across multiple sites. Acopia is also adding failover capabilities across data centers.

Global namespace is a critical feature for NAS virtualization vendors like Acopia, NeoPath Networks, NuView Inc., and Rainfinity, because it lets users manage files stored across different NAS systems as one big pool (see File Systems Boost NAS).

But that pool is increasingly spread across multiple sites instead of being located only in the data center. Thats why it’s important to support namespace across sites, as NuView and Rainfinity already do (see NuView Unveils StorageX 5.6).

Acopia's global namespace could be a vital link to its future. Acopia critics and competitors claim its ARX switches have been difficult to scale. When Acopia last month added a thin client version of its ARX switch for remote offices, it was clear that the scaleability problem would need to be solved (see Acopia Goes Thin).

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