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Absolute Power

In addition, the PM8 gives network administrators secure remote-access capabilities. If you've ever had to reboot a server in the middle of the night, you'll appreciate being able to perform that task and others remotely over a secure connection.

The PM8, an easy-to-mount "zero U" chassis (the device mounts vertically, no rack space necessary), provides eight managed outlets and local authentication support for up to eight users, with per-port user-access lists. In addition, you can daisy-chain several PM8 units to scale across multiple server cabinets while preserving central-management capabilities.

Power Trip

The PM8 is available in 15-amp and 20-amp models. Both have an informative LED current readout. In my tests at our Syracuse University Real-World Labs®, I was pleased by the granularity the PM8 brought to the usual take-it-for-granted power-up procedure. Sequential power-up of each outlet--the outlets come up individually at one-second intervals--protects the overall electrical environment from taking too much load. This smooths the transition from power-off to power-on for connected and adjacent devices by eliminating the possibility of electrical surge caused by too many devices turning on simultaneously.

• Simple setup

• Intuitive configuration
• Effective terminal services integration

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