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Aberdeen & MIR3 Scope DR

SAN DIEGO -- Enterprises that are not properly prepared for unexpected interruptions in their businessessuch as power outages, terrorist attacks, server failures, natural disasters and other events—will find their operations jeopardized, profits negatively impacted, and employees potentially placed in peril. To avoid and minimize such threats, it is vital for enterprises to evaluate their business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategies now, according to MIR3, Inc., the leading provider of Intelligent Notification (IN) systems to enterprises, universities and government organizations.

“Managing business continuity is not an easy feat; however, enterprises must make it a priority,” stated Amir Moussavian, president and CEO of MIR3. “Instant, two-way communication with employees and administration can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to execution of a business continuity or disaster recovery plan. Additionally, companies that invest in alert systems are finding added value, using the technology to communicate with traveling employees about business challenges, manage correspondence with clients and receive and interpret real-time feedback from recipients.”

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