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8 Tech Books for Winter Reading

  • With the official start of winter fast approaching, the cold, short days already have many hunkering down and focused on indoor activities. The weather is perfect for curling up in front of a fire with a book. For IT pros, it's a great time to expand their knowledge by catching up on some of the latest tech books.

    Our collection covers some of the hottest topics in the technology industry today, including cloud infrastructure, containers, and cybersecurity. You'll also find a book about problem solving in modern networks by well-known experts Russ White and Ethan Banks, and even a graphic novel. Mostly all recent releases, these tech books are essentially hot off the press.

    Today, more than ever, IT pros need to keep up with rapidly evolving technology trends. Enterprise adoption of cloud, software-defined technologies, and automation are breaking down traditional IT silos, so it's a good idea to learn about technologies outside your usual realm. What better time than now, especially if you have some downtime during the holidays? Maybe you can even put some gift cards to good use by stocking up on tech books that can broaden your horizons.

    Read ahead for some ideas of what to read during the chilly months ahead.

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  • Cloud Native Infrastructure

    By Justin Garrison and Kris Nova

    Cloud computing has become a foundational element in today's enterprise IT as companies aim to increase their efficiency and agility. In this book, learn how to create infrastructure that supports applications built for the cloud. "Cloud Native Infrastructure" provides deployment, testing, and security practices and patterns.

  • Docker Deep Dive

    Nigel Poulton

    Containers are clearly no passing fad. Popular in the development community, they're gaining traction in the enterprise. "Docker Deep Dive" covers everything from container basics to managing containers at scale. It provides both practical guidance as well as big-picture theory. The writer, Nigel Poulton, has produced multiple training videos on Docker and cloud technologies, and also is a data storage expert.


  • The Kubernetes Book

    Nigel Poulton

    Along with all the buzz about containers, there's a lot of talk about how to manage them. Kubernetes, an open source container orchestration system developed by Google, has become a hugely popular platform. Poulton's "The Kubernetes Book" is designed to bring those new to the platform up to speed quickly. Like his Docker book, this one also covers both theory and practical guidance.

  • IT Architect Series: The Journey

    Melissa Palmer

    With all the rapid changes in IT infrastructure, some career guidance can be helpful. "IT Architect Series: The Journey" provides advice on getting started, education and certification, and the core skills required to become an IT architect. The writer, Melissa Palmer, a VMware Certified Design Expert who currently works at NetApp, is active in the IT infrastructure community. She is the creative director the Virtual Design Master program, pens a blog, and has a tremendous Twitter following as @vmiss33.

  • Computer Networking Problems and Solutions

    Ethan Banks and Russ White

    Despite all the attempts to simplify it through software and automation, networking remains a complex practice. With "Computer Networking Problems and Solutions" networking experts Ethan Banks of Packet Pushers and Russ White of LinkedIn take a problem-solving approach to building and managing modern networks. The comprehensive book, available for pre-order, covers everything from data transport and packet switching to quality of service, network virtualization, and much more.

  • Security in Network Functions Virtualization

    Zonghua Zhang and Ahmed Meddahi

    Network Functions Virtualization is popular among service providers and attractive to enterprises looking to reduce costs and increase agility. "Security in Network Functions Virtualization" examines the potential NFV security issues and provides recommendations for remediating them

  • Intelligence-Driven Incident Response

    By Scott Roberts and Rebekah Brown

    High-profile security breaches like the massive Equifax breach have pushed cybersecurity to the top of corporate priorities. "Intelligence-Driven Incident Response" provides insight into how companies can improve their response to cyberthreats. The authors provide an introduction to intelligence analysis and guidance on how to incorporate it an incident response strategy.

  • The Goal: A Business Graphic Novel

    North River Press Publishing Corporation

    This isn't a tech book, but an intriguing take on the best-selling and influential business novel by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox. First published in 1984, "The Goal" introduced Goldratt's Theory of Constraints. Author Dwight Jon Zimmerman and illustrator Dean Motter adapted the book into a graphic novel, which was released this fall.

    Virtualization and open source expert Eric Wright, who was selected as an early reviewer, praised the adaption. "If you're looking for a book that adds a very interesting visual element to a profoundly important story of the Theory of Constraints in action, this is a must-read," Wright, technology evangelist at Turbonic, wrote in a blog. "It's a business book, a personal growth book, and if you look around our IT communities, it is effectively the story of our every day."