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8 Hardest Storage Lessons Learned

We don't usually think of storage as character building. But anyone who's ever spent more than a few years in a data center has a few battle scars -- and stories -- from experiences that left a deep impression. Byte and Switch talked to a number of storage professionals about what happened, what they learned, or what they'd do differently if faced with the same conditions again.

The surprising upshot here is that many of their lessons weren't about technology -- there's a smattering of the "Boy, did we really underestimate the I/O queue depth when we moved over to our Fibre Channel SAN."

But many of the IT pros we spoke to checked in more with common sense lessons or discomforting experiences about user feedback (ungrateful) to the nature of vendors (lies and half-truths). Our sample shared how they learned to navigate the shifting, uncertain currents of internal politics, burned by their own bosses, senior execs, or department heads they misread or failed to cultivate. Of course, there was also a bit of technology that didn't work as promised, or the gremlins in the infrastructure, long dormant 'til the master plan for upgrades got activated.

Good times, the sort any employed storage professional never forgets. From the storage trenches come these lessons learned the hard way.

The Lessons:

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