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3rd Brigade Delivers Virtualization Security

SAN FRANCISCO -- Virtualization is being rapidly adopted for green IT and server consolidation initiatives, but software licensing models are lagging behind, and security is still an open debate. Third Brigade (, a security software company specializing in host intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), today announced a new licensing model designed to address the accelerated adoption of virtual environments and help customers achieve the lowest total cost of ownership for virtualization security. Promoting adoption of the highest level of security, Third Brigade licensing now allows for an unlimited number of virtual machines to be protected per physical server. Third Brigade also introduced a new, coordinated approach to intrusion defense for virtualized environments that will deliver better data protection than can be achieved by virtual security appliances.

Two years ago we began consolidating our mission-critical data center servers into virtual environments. Because we manage sensitive employee data for our Fortune 100 enterprise customers, security is always a top priority," said Mike Gioja, CIO, Workstream. "Since the beginning, Third Brigade has been delivering virtualized security to our data centers. This approach enables us to scale while keeping security at the forefront of our customer solutions. In addition, Workstream gains a competitive advantage over the security and virtualization architectures I have seen from other vendors."

Third Brigade Inc.