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3Leaf Joins VMware Program

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- 3Leaf Systems, a provider of server virtualization solutions for next-generation datacenters, today announced it has joined the VMware Community Source program. The co-development effort as a VMware Community Source member allows 3Leaf Systems to create and validate enhancements to VMware ESX Server and to open up the functionalities of the 3Leaf V-8000 Virtual I/0 Server to VMware Infrastructure environments.

The VMware Community Source program is designed to accelerate the creation of a rich variety of products that integrate with and leverage the benefits of the industry’s most widely-deployed virtualization platform, VMware Infrastructure, in new ways. Additionally, with the VMware Community Source program, customers can expect to see enhanced interoperability between VMware and third-party vendor solutions.

As a VMware Community Source member, 3Leaf Systems is working closely with VMware on optimizing the 3Leaf V-8000 for VMware Infrastructure, enabling unique 3Leaf V-8000 server virtualization capabilities, and collaborating with the partner community on next-generation I/O virtualization technology.

“Through our collaboration with VMware, customers will benefit from our combined expertise in the latest virtualization technologies,” said Sash Sunkara, chief business officer of 3Leaf Systems. “Through the VMware Community Source program, 3Leaf Systems has gained access to the technical resources and support that are critical for successfully enabling our V-8000 Virtual I/O Server for VMware Infrastructure end users.”

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