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365 Main

A California-based firm specializing in data center facilities has just gone national, responding to what execs say is a growing demand for space.

365 Main Inc., founded in San Francisco in 2002, buys and builds data center space to rent to enterprise customers, Web hosting companies, and Internet service providers. The firm plans a grand opening for a second facility in Los Angeles tomorrow, where management will also announce the opening of additional data centers in Phoenix and Chantilly, Va.

Execs at 365 Main say their company is moving outward from California in response to a burgeoning need for more data center space nationwide. President/founding partner Chris Dolan (ex-AboveNet) says growth in data volumes, the need for regulatory compliance, and fresh interest in disaster recovery are behind the move and have earned the 70-employee firm about 300 customers. "We opened our [228,000-square-foot] flagship center in downtown San Francisco [in 2004] with one customer and one equipment rack. In two to three weeks, we'll be full up in San Francisco," Dolan says.

The data center in Los Angeles/El Segundo, Calif., first announced last year, offers an additional 135,000 square feet and is about one-third full. A new center in Phoenix, Ariz., is now open for business with 315,000 square feet, of which one-quarter has been taken already by financial company Charles Schwab. The northern Virginia location will open with 145,000 square feet September 1.

According to 365 Main's VP of marketing, Miles Kelly (also ex-AboveNet), would-be customers are on waiting lists for space. "We have 1 million square feet of interest in the pipeline for Phoenix," he declares. That means customers have expressed interest in having more than twice the space that 365 Main now offers in Phoenix.

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