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2005: It's Your Year

Yes, seriously, it is your year. We want to know how you think 2005 will shape up by taking part in our annual survey: 2005 Market Outlook.

The rumblings on most of the IT industry drums suggest that the market will continue its recovery this year. All well and good, but which data center technologies will be most in demand and, by the same token, which are falling out of favor? For example, have traditional firewalls really had their day? (See Firewalls Forced to Adapt.)

Why is this important? Because your feedback will help us focus our coverage of the data center market throughout the coming year and to do this we need to know what you are thinking [ed. note: well, maybe not every thought that runs through your head].

The same goes for the "Who Makes What" of data center products -- our shiny new catalog of equipment for the next-gen data center. The list will be constantly updated as new vendors and technologies come onto the market, but we need your assistance to do this (see NDCF Who Makes What).

If you are a vendor or data center manager, feel free to send us feedback if you believe something is listed in the wrong place or if you think we've overlooked a product entirely, we are open to suggestions. If you want to propose changes, use the message board linked to the article or email us at [email protected].

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