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10 Years Of BSM

For the past 10 years, an eternity in the software market, Managed Objects has been focused on delivering BSM, SLA, and CMDB solutions to its customers. Given its comparatively small size, its message may not be heard over enterprise software vendors such as CA, BMC, and HP.
Touting BSM implementations in 90 days or less, Managed Object says it can work with all of the other management vendors and collect data used in its analysis of the impacts that cause service outages.
Recently, it announced a new Service Contract Management (SCM) module which focuses on accelerating the creation and management of Service Level Agreements. If customers are looking for alternatives to the big enterprise software vendors, they may want to take a look at Managed Objects.

One of the biggest challenges Managed Objects may have is the hypercompetitive nature of the CMDB and BSM markets, fueled by ITIL. As customers already have management products from other software companies installed, Managed Objects will really need to wow customers with capabilities to gain substantial market share over those existing vendors.

We hope to have Managed Objects in our labs in the future so we can put its claims to the test.