• 06/27/2016
    7:00 AM
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10 Tech Books For Summer Reading

Check out these new releases on network automation, DevOps, Docker and more.


Great list! I highly

Great list! I highly recommend Ed Horley's book, especially if you're deploying IPv6 in the enterprise.

A recommendation I would add is for my book, IPv6 Address Planning (which Mr. Horley did the tech review for).


One of the first things you need to do when adopting IPv6 is get, and carve up, the right sized IPv6 allocation. This book aims to help you do that right the first time.

Re: Great list! I highly

Thanks for the addition ipv6tom! Good stuff.

Great list!

Hi Marcia, great post. Thank you. The list is very interesting ( book about Cisco's Cloud of Clouds solution, ....)
"With the rise of cloud and software-defined networking, IT roles are changing so it makes sense for infrastructure pros to get familiar with emerging technologies,...." -- I'm totally agree with you. And actually i'm inside the new book "MPLS in SDN Era : Interoperable Scenarios to Make Networks Scale to New Services"

Re: Great list!

Thanks Jerome! Great to hear from you. And thanks for that addition, it looks interesting!