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Quellan delivers unprecedented Tbit data center density

February 6, 2008

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Quellan Incorporated, a leader in Noise Canceling and Signal Integrity ICs, today announced the QLx411G - a new analog device that can be embedded in copper cabling to yield 1.28 Terabits (1,280 Gigabits) per second in a single 1.75 inch high rack. These "active cables" are terminated with the industry's newest high density QSFP connector which achieves a density of 32 ports in a single 1RU rack, each running at 40 Gbps.

In a live demonstration, Quellan ran the InfiniBand signaling protocol over these links at the new 40 Gbps Quad Data Rate (QDR) speed. In order to retain backwards compatibility with this interface, the company also demonstrated QDR running in the standard microGiGaCN connector. This unprecedented throughput was enabled by embedding the company's Q:ACTIVE analog technology into W.L. Gore & Associates advanced 28AWG cable assemblies. By compensating for signal distortion and removing noise, this low power analog IC can achieve unprecedented speed over thinner gauge cable.

The QLx411G is Quellan's latest addition to the Quad Lane Extender product line that also includes the QLx4300 for applications up to 3 Gbps and the QLx4600 for applications up to 6 Gbps. This family of products share the same small 4mm x 7mm signal integrity optimized package, making upgrade to higher data rates seamless for customers. The product line also boasts best in class performance, low power and low latency. The QLx411G supports InfiniBand, Ethernet, PCI Express, SAS and Fibre channel protocols in active cables, blade servers, line cards and switch cards. The device is scheduled for production in the second half of 2008.

Cabling today is a significant barrier to data center efficiency - as measured by power, speed, density and latency. The QLx411G delivers the lowest power, highest density and no additional latency, thereby improving link efficiency by an order of magnitude.

"Quellan's technology promises to extend the reach of QDR InfiniBand links over copper cables, expanding the cost effective 40 Gb/s interconnect ecosystem," said Thad Omura, Vice President of Product Marketing for Mellanox Technologies. "With the production release of systems utilizing multi-core processors and PCIe Gen2, the data bottleneck has moved to the system I/O port. Low cost, low power cables combined with ConnectX IB 40 Gb/s HCAs will help bring balance to these high performance compute and storage systems."Quellan Inc.

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