HP Consolidates the Desktop

HP will begin selling blade client machines to consolidate end-user computing power into a closet.

November 21, 2003

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It's just another utopian image that, on close examination, turns out to be a mirage. The reality is that you'll always have to go to the end user's desk for support. The end user still has a keyboard, mouse, monitor and plenty of plugs to kick out, and you still must support the thin client. There are also costs associated with additional asset tracking for thin clients.

If this bladed-client concept were going to own the desktop market, ClearCube would be the dominant player. It has been touting this very concept for years.

I don't think the concept is a total bust. I simply caution that it's not for everyone. (To see where thin clients might be a good fit, turn to our Buyer's Guide.)

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