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November 19, 2004

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Paul Rouk

  • Product: Aurora? ALX System

  • Coolness: How is it possible to spend over $11,000 on a DESKTOP computer today?!?

  • Company: Alienware

  • IT Value: Runs Microsoft Word MUCH faster than any of our current systems!

  • Features: High-end gaming computer. When configured with ALL the options, sells for over $11,000!

  • Reasoning: Ultimate gaming machine.

E. Alexander Gerster

  • Product: radioSHARK

  • Coolness: Time Shift Recording! Plus, Look at that shape!

  • Company: Griffin Technology

  • IT Value: Here in Florida, you can keep up with the hurricane reports!

  • Features: AM/FM radio with time shift recording

  • Reasoning: For recording broadcasts to listen to after work.

Carlos Legarda

  • Product: Treo 600

  • Coolness: It does everything.

  • Company: palmOne

  • IT Value: Taking notes, keeping in touch, schedules.

  • Features: PDA/phone does everything.

  • Reasoning: I can leave my phone and PDA at home and take this instead.

Emilio Trenzado

  • Product: TIVO

  • Coolness: I never have to worry about missing shows and I can skip commercials, yet I don't have to deal with VHS tapes.

  • Company: TIVO

  • IT Value: I can work late on projects and record shows while I have to be on-site for an emergency.

  • Features: Records shows, pauses live shows and many more.

  • Reasoning: I can now work or workout until late and not worry about missing "The Apprentice."


  • Product: B3-1550 brewing sculpture

  • Coolness: I like beer

  • Company: Beer, Beer & More Beer

  • IT Value: It will keep me happy and focused at work. Also, beer goes over well for work parties!

  • Features: Helps you make beer.

  • Reasoning: Makes more beer.

Creed White

  • Product: IFP -799

  • Coolness: 1 Gig for under $250 with FM, small, 40 hours on battery, can store files and record music on the fly.

  • Company: IRiver

  • IT Value: It does not have the software to be a Flash drive, but promises to have it soon for a 1 Gig Flash drive...for those large DATA files, yeah that's it!

  • Features: 1 Gig Flash MP3 with FM radio

  • Reasoning: Mostly a large collection of MP3s.

Ivan Santayana Rivera

  • Product: Powerline Networking Adapters

  • Coolness: No new wires.

  • Company: D-Link

  • IT Value: I could pay for Fiber Internet access and then offer it to PLC network users. Start my own company.

  • Features: Connects PCs and other devices over the existing electrical network.

  • Reasoning: To build a LAN in my neighborhood.

Zonker Harris

  • Product: Squeezebox

  • Coolness: Wired version works with Mac/Linux/Windows, wireless will be cooler.

  • Company: Slim Devices

  • IT Value: Streaming Audio client in the lab, so I can hear training Web conferences while I'm still working in the lab.

  • Features: Wireless MP3 player, client.

  • Reasoning: With battery-powered speakers, backyard parties!

Thomas Voigtlander

  • Product: A8 Earphones

  • Coolness: Because I tried one on once, and it's like having your own little surround sound system wherever you go.

  • Company: Bang & Olufsen

  • IT Value: Able to help integrate sound into IT publications.

  • Features: Uuhh...It plays sound, into your ears....

  • Reasoning: On the PC, watching late night TV, on the mini-disc player, having music running at uni!!

Davis Bailey

  • Product: Samsung

  • Coolness: Plays MP3s and has an FM tuner.

  • Company: Yepp

  • IT Value: Samsung makes our laser printers and cell phones, need to research other consumer products.

  • Features: MP3 Player

  • Reasoning: Running, sitting in the hot tub with a cold beer nearby.

Tony Augelletta

  • Product: Swiss Memory USB

  • Coolness: Because of the look on people's faces when you pull it out.

  • Company: Swiss Army Knife Company

  • IT Value: Always having a place to store data when you're out and about.

  • Features: Cuts, lights, writes and has a bigger hard drive than my first computer.

  • Reasoning: Mainly for storage use and to jot stuff down sometimes.

Mark Villecco

  • Product: OfficeConnect Wireless 54-Mbps 11g Travel Router

  • Coolness: This unit has all the capabilities of a traditional SOHO wireless router but is the size of a deck of cards.

  • Company: 3Com

  • IT Value: This product would be useful to business travelers who need wireless Internet access in meeting rooms, hotel rooms or elsewhere.

  • Features: Allows sharing of high-speed Internet access where ever a broadband connection exists.

  • Reasoning: This router could be kept in a briefcase or laptop bag and then plugged into a wired Internet connection to allow multiple wireless users to connect.

Aman Bhasin

  • Product: P900

  • Coolness: It's a solid 'all in one' device with cool features like a removable keyboard, Bluetooth and cool video games.

  • Company: SonyEricsson

  • IT Value: Replaces Blackberry and cell phone. Allows troubleshooting Web thin-client issues while commuting.

  • Features: Phone, organizer, imaging, browser, e-mail, camera, etc.

  • Reasoning: Read e-mails, play video games, watch movies and, of course, answer support calls.

Doug Herman

  • Product: Research in Motion's Blackberry handheld

  • Coolness: Outlook on the go!

  • Company: RIM

  • IT Value: Collaborative tool that keeps sales force, managers "in the know."

  • Features: GPRS cellular device that delivers Outlook/Lotus Notes and the Internet, and it is a phone.

  • Reasoning: I rely on it as a tool to stay in touch with my users even when I'm out of the office/town, etc.

Fred Johnson

  • Product: iMac G5

  • Coolness: Just look at it! Apple has redefined cool with this computer.

  • Company: Apple Computer Inc.

  • IT Value: It is immune to 99.9 percent of all viruses.

  • Features: It is a real computer, not just a PC.

  • Reasoning: It would replace my 400-MHz G4 Cube. The Cube is still cool, but it's no longer fast!

Steven White

  • Product: Portege 3500/3502

  • Coolness: The tablet feature.

  • Company: Toshiba

  • IT Value: The three uses below are all useful IT functions.

  • Features: Tablet/notebook PC.

  • Reasoning: 1) For replacing the handwritten notes on my desk, 2) For reading printed listings while I code on my other computer, 3) For dialing in from home during a crisis.

Tim Kelly

  • Product: Sony MVC-CD350 3.2 MP 3x Zoom CD-R/RW Recording Camera

  • Coolness: I don't have to copy images or movies to my PC then burn to a CD.

  • Company:

  • IT Value: Create movies for presentations and training CDs.

  • Features: Records still images and movies to 8-cm CD-R/CD-RW discs.

  • Reasoning: To record history in the making--my family mostly.

Chad Yoshino

  • Product: OQO Model 01

  • Coolness: has got to be the smallest and lightest PC with the works.

  • Company: OQO

  • IT Value: Don't need a Palm and a laptop. This is one and the same! Full Windows in the palm of your hand.

  • Features: It's the "ultra personal computer."

  • Reasoning: For day-to-day network troubleshooting, with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, I wouldn't need my laptop anymore!

Sean K. McNicholas

  • Product: Kameleon 8 Device Universal Remote

  • Coolness: Electro-luminescent touch display makes it look like it belongs with your plasma (oh, and no more three remotes hanging around your coffee table).

  • Company: One For All

  • IT Value: All techies want less devices that do more.

  • Features: All-in-one universal remote for your home entertainment center.

  • Reasoning: To centrally power my entertainment needs.

Steve Delahunty

  • Product: ToughBook P1

  • Coolness: It's ruggedized, has GPS, phone and wireless, and it's moisture resistant.

  • Company: Panasonic

  • IT Value: Will even let me respond to e-mail and phone calls when in the steam room at the gym.

  • Features: Wireless, Ruggedized PDA/Phone

  • Reasoning: Can check e-mail while rock climbing (would need to learn rock climbing first).

Dave Zielinski

  • Product: Axim X30

  • Coolness: Integrated Wireless + PocketPC 2003 OS

  • Company: Dell

  • IT Value: With Wi-Fi access anywhere I go and a VPN client, I can access EVERYTHING I need at work anywhere I go.

  • Features: Pocket PC-based PDA

  • Reasoning: Wi-Fi access anywhere I go.

Jeff Elliott

  • Product: UltraSharp 2001FP 20.1-inch Flat Panel LCD Monitor

  • Coolness: Big and beautiful

  • Company: Dell

  • IT Value: Saves desk space, allows for more multitasking.

  • Features: LCD monitor with 16-ms response time and 1600x1200 native resolution.

  • Reasoning: For use as my main monitor for gaming and DVD watching.

Mark Bolick

  • Product: Apple Xserve G5 (business), Apple iPod (leisure)

  • Coolness: Xserve: that much power and usability with unlimited license for that price, gotta try it. IPod: see earlier statement.

  • Company: Apple computer for both

  • IT Value: Faster file serves, more seats, better uptime, more power, lower price. No way they'd sponsor an iPod.

  • Features: Very nice server, very low price. iPod: I mean geez, it's an iPod. Does it need an explanation)

  • Reasoning: File serving and use of our corporate accounting database. Once again, it's an iPod!

Justin King

  • Product: WiFlyer

  • Coolness: I never have to sit at a hotel desk again.

  • Company: Always On Wireless

  • IT Value: Wireless with the security of dialup (even though it can use broadband, too).

  • Features: Wireless base station for dialup.

  • Reasoning: Um, the way it is supposed to be used?

Cliff McCullough

  • Product: Linksys Speedbooster Access Point

  • Coolness: No more wires

  • Company: Linksys

  • IT Value: Less manpower. No hanging wires. Cleaner work area.

  • Features: Wireless network communications

  • Reasoning: Wireless communications anywhere in my home.

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