Emulex Embeds in Xyratex

Emulex announced that its embedded storage bridges have been deployed across Xyratex's RS-1602-F4-SBD storage systems

August 14, 2007

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COSTA MESA, Calif. -- Emulex Corporation (NYSE:ELX) today announced that its embedded storage bridges have been deployed across Xyratex's RS-1602-F4-SBD storage systems. Xyratex's innovative 4Gb/s SBOD storage solution leverages the

BR-2401 storage bridge from Emulex to create a high performance, modular storage system with the ability to intermix Fibre Channel (FC) and SATA disk drives within the same enclosure.

"Emulex has the industry's only proven FC-to-SATA bridge solution.

Integrating the BR-2401 within Xyratex's 4Gb/s storage systems has created a versatile tiered storage solution for deploying SATA disk drives into existing field-proven FC-based systems," said Bob Whitson, senior vice president and general manager of Embedded Storage Products, Emulex. "This design win signifies the continued adoption of our embedded storage bridges as the most effective method for deploying SATA disk drives within enterprise storage environments."

The Emulex BR-2401 is a highly integrated FC-to-SATA storage bridge that provides transparent emulation of FC disk drives to achieve a versatile, low-cost storage solution that meets the high capacity needs of the enterprise. The Emulex BR-2401 enables cost-effective SATA drives to be used transparently within existing FC enclosures, ultimately reducing the development time required to bring a FC-to-SATA storage solution to market, and enabling vendor-independent SATA drive selection.

"The Emulex BR-2401 was designed to maximize flexibility, scalability and reliability, which aligns well with the Xyratex SBOD storage system," said Lisa Hart, vice president, marketing and alliances, Xyratex. "Our longstanding relationship with Emulex continues to strengthen as we help drive the adoption of 4Gb/s tiered storage solutions into the marketplace."

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