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Patient and business records for center for Better Hearing Aids saved from information meltdown

February 9, 2007

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NOVATO, Calif. -- Without warning, a fire destroyed the offices of Center for Better Hearing Aids, a retail business that markets hearing devices in San Jose, CA. Their entire database of business and patient related records stored on the company computer system burned in the flames.

Judy Pick, the owner of Center for Better Hearing Aids, kept all the company's business records and patient information on a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) system, comprised of multiple hard drives linked together via software.

After the November 2006 fire destroyed the office complex and her entire business, Ms. Pick was allowed to search through the rubble in an effort to locate items she could salvage. Her worst fear was confirmed when she found all the computers and RAID system were reduced to a heap of charred plastic.That's when she turned to DriveSavers, an industry leading data recovery service that specializes in rescuing lost data from crashed hard drives, damaged computers and other storage devices.

Fortunately for Ms. Pick, DriveSavers has over 22 years experience handling computer storage disasters. "DriveSavers realizes that when companies lose data, it can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Months or even years worth of work can seemingly disappear in an instant," said Scott Gaidano, co-founder of DriveSavers. "Because electronic data is one of the most valuable assets of any organization, DriveSavers' recovery services are the most efficient and economical way for businesses to recover their data when backups fail or are destroyed."

In order to recover her data, DriveSavers engineers first had to cut into the damaged computer housings and remove the mechanisms. From there, the drives were rebuilt from scratch using substitute parts from DriveSavers 10,000+ drive inventory. The company also used its special clean room -- a dust and static free environment used to work on the mechanisms internal components. Engineers were highly successful taking on the challenge of lining up the data from three drives and recovered 100 percent of the data including all patient records and image files."DriveSavers was able to recover all of our information -- both graphics and data files," Pick said. "The hearing tests are graphic files, audiograms that are stored as a picture. Without those records, I would be starting over from scratch with every patient."

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