DiskAgent Bows Remote Backup

DiskAgent launches remote backup and loss protection software as a service offering

August 5, 2008

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Spearstone LLC announced today a new service DiskAgent™ – offering unprecedented data storage and protection capabilities for personal and business use. DiskAgent is a scalable software as a service (SaaS) solution that is easy to use and protects users from data loss and unauthorized access in the event of hardware failure or theft.

DiskAgent offers continuous online backup to enterprise-class data centers and provides centralized management and constant access to data. When a computer is lost or stolen, DiskAgent enables the owner to remotely erase sensitive information from the original hard drive. Furthermore, DiskAgent’s hardware loss protection functionality offers IT administrators the ability to trace and potentially recover stolen machines.

DiskAgent is an effective tool for organizations of all sizes across a wide range of vertical market sectors. One example is healthcare, where DiskAgent’s affordable software service exceeds the medical industry’s HIPAA security compliance regulations. DiskAgent accomplishes this by encrypting all backed-up data en route to and within the Amazon S3 and EC2 environments. Additionally, DiskAgent’s advanced regulatory compliance features allow administrators to enforce document retention policies as well as grant or restrict user access to remotely backed-up files. Moreover, the safeguards DiskAgent provides directly address the HIPAA contingency planning requirement with its offering of disaster recovery and remote delete capability, which keeps patient data secure in the event of hardware failure or theft. “It is critical for healthcare organizations to preserve the integrity of patient records. DiskAgent offers IT professionals in healthcare a storage solution that is stable, safe and secure,” says Marc Menendez, COO of Tesia PCI, a leading medical and dental technology services provider.

Small- to medium-sized businesses and individuals alike benefit from DiskAgent’s service offering. Spearstone’s CEO, Hayden Hartland, said, “Most businesses and home-users are unprotected against data loss and unauthorized use of their information. Without DiskAgent, they take an unacceptable risk. Our easy-to-use solution puts enterprise-level protection within reach of any user without the need for IT support or other expensive infrastructure.”


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