Desktop Management Suites

Follow Mike DeMaria as he evaluates Desktop Management Suites in our Syracuse Lab.

November 11, 2003

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Test Particulars

  • Product/Service: Desktop Management SuitesPublication Date: November 13th

  • Test Location: Syracuse University Labs

  • Review Objectives: We will consider products offering desktop management capabilities. Testing will be based on the premise that the products will be servicing a site containing 10,000 desktops. Although we'll evaluate management capabilities across multiple devices and operating systems, including laptops, remote users on slow connections, handheld devices and servers, our chief focus is on desktops.

  • Test Criteria

    1. Inventory

    2. Software control

    3. OS & Systems supported

    4. Reporting

    5. Price

  • Test Plan: This test will pit each product head-to-head for comparisons of inventory, asset management, software management and access control capabilities. We'll be evaluating accuracy, detail and change notification in the inventory components. Software distribution, deployment architecture and controlling application access will be other focus areas. In addition, we'll look at patch management, software metering and handheld integration capabilities, although these are not required to participate.

  • Product Requirements

    • Must do asset management and inventory.

    • Must do at least two of the following three items:

      • Software Distribution

      • Software Management

      • Software Installation

    • Must handle managing remote users (disconnected laptops or dial-up)

    • Must manage at least Windows 98, 2000 and XP.

    • Must have directory integration (such as Active Directory or other LDAP compatible)

Listen to Michael J. DeMaria as he discusses how he plans to set up his test environment, what sort of of characteristics he'll be looking for, and why we're looking at desktop management suites right now.(Requires Real Player) Tune in for a behind-the-scenes discussion of our desktop-management suite review with Director of Internet Operations Brad Shimmin and Associate Technology Editor Mike DeMaria.(Requires Real Player)

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