Cucku Introduces Cucku Backup Pro

Cucku Backup Pro extends the company's entry-level solution to include multiple partner support.

May 13, 2009

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SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cucku today announced Cucku Backup Pro - the latest in the company's portfolio of online backup solutions. Cucku Backup Pro allows friends and family to securely back up between each other's PCs.

Cucku Backup Pro extends the company's entry-level solution to include multiple partner support. This allows backup "heroes" to protect their entire family or group of friends at the same time as securing their own data.

"Recent IDC research highlights that those considering online backup services are heavily influenced by their social network including friends, family and business associates in making a particular service selection," said Laura DuBois, storage software research director at IDC. "Cucku Social Backup Pro enables customers to leverage their social network in backing up their data at a remote location, with the added benefit of knowing exactly where their backup resides, and that a trusted friend or family member is looking after it. Cucku differentiates itself from other online backup providers by incorporating this element of social connection to the backup process."

Cucku's online backup solutions utilize Skype to facilitate the transfer of encrypted data between backup partners. In November 2008, Cucku gained official Skype certification - a milestone that both reaffirms Cucku's interoperability with Skype's products and extends Cucku's reach to Skype's base of more than 300 million users.

Cucku Backup Pro is intended for home users and small businesses who need their backup replicated to multiple partners, or who need to host multiple remote backups on a single computer. Cucku Backup Pro is licensed for $49.95 for three concurrent installs. Cucku Backup for single partners remains fully functional, completely free and also contains a number of new features.About Cucku

Cucku was founded in 2007 on the principle that reliable, secure, unlimited offsite backup should be available to everybody. Cucku's Social Backup empowers friends and family to help each other protect their irreplaceable photos, videos, music and other files. Cucku is privately held, with offices in San Francisco, California and Basingstoke, United Kingdom.

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