C2C Extends Email Archiving

C2C extends email archiving retention and litigation support to aid FRCP and global compliance

February 27, 2008

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -- C2C, the leading provider of email data management solutions, today announced an enhanced version of its award-winning Archive One software, adding new features to aid with corporate governance and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure conformance.

Archive One includes the addition of new and powerful compliance and policy management capabilities to give administrators the ability to more easily identify and secure data that is, or may be, essential to internal or external legal requirements. FRCP legislation requires organizations to pay attention to e-discovery issues and to have an email governance system in place to respond effectively when called upon for legal processes. Failure to do so can lead to legal sanctions and spoliation where the judge tells the jury that the company cannot produce potentially damaging evidence and leaves it up to the jury to draw its own inferences and impose any financial damages.

"The increase in litigation requiring supporting email evidence has put further demands on email administration, and because FRCP rules do not mandate specific records management requirements, there can be a lack of clarity and certainty in how to meet them," says Dave Hunt, C2C CEO. "Email records can play a critical role in proving a company's legal position in many instances, such as internal evidence when handling a customer complaint, an internal HR issue, or when demanded under a civil or legal requirement for a matter that has gone beyond the bounds of internal resolution."

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