7 Ways IoT Will Impact Your Data Center

The Internet of Things will dramatically reshape data center architecture. Are you ready?

All too often, discussions surrounding the topic of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolve around the exponential increase in IoT devices that are expected to be deployed around us. We’re often bombarded with statements from research firms such as Gartner, which predicts that by 2020, there will be 26 billion IoT devices deployed globally.

Impressive? Absolutely. But at the same time, it doesn’t paint the entire IoT picture.

The IoT revolution isn’t just going to change our applications and endpoint devices, it’s also going to significantly change how data centers operate. Today’s data centers are largely built around the concept where endpoints use client applications to access data housed within a data center. While this will continue to be the case for many data center applications, IoT is more about data collection and less about data distribution. In other words, expect more data to be flowing into data centers rather than out of them.

Data taken from these billions of IoT devices will be collected and analyzed in order to make decisions, perform actions or other automated processes. IoT applications will possess built-in intelligence to make predetermined decisions based on the analysis of the data it collects. The goal for many IoT applications is to produce accurate, real-time results.

Changes in data flows and automated responses based on data analysis will dramatically change the way data centers are designed, deployed, secured and managed. On the following pages, we’ll explore seven specific ways that IoT will impact your data center. Some of the changes may be fairly easy to address in most traditional data centers. Others may require complete data center overhauls for IoT to work optimally.

If you thought the data center went through a major disruption with server virtualization, get ready for even greater disruption with the Internet of Things. Simply put, the IoT will dramatically change how next-generation data centers are architected at almost every level.

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Andrew Froehlich, President, West Gate Networks

President, West Gate Networks

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