10 Striking Sci-Fi Book Covers

Let's face it: The vast majority of the time, it isn't the title or premise of a book -- especially a science fiction book -- that draws us in. It's the cover art. And sci-fi has a long and venerable history of cover art that catches the eye and turns the head, even if what's inside hasn't always lived up to what's on the outside.Here's a gallery of 10 of our favorites, from classic painted cover art to the modern-day trends of Photoshop-plus-stock-photo work that in the right hands can also b

Serdar Yegulalp

September 9, 2013

10 Slides

Frank Herbert's now-classic saga of a far-future war between noble houses on a desert planet has been through endless reprints, including two separate tie-in editions for David Lynch's ill-fated movie adaptation and the Sci-Fi Channel's version. But nothing beats the original hardcover edition's artwork, courtesy of longtime sci-fi illustrator John Schoenherr. The tiny human figures dwarfed by the rock and sand all around them -- possibly depicting hero Paul Atreides and his mother Jessica seeking safety -- bring home the scope and ambition of the book in a single, striking image.


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