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CryptoCard, Scorpion Partner

(, the leading authentication technology developer for
heterogeneous environments, today announced that Scorpion Software, a
provider of premium security solutions for SMBs has released AuthAnvil, a
strong two-factor authentication solution developed using CRYPTOCard's
AuthEngine SDK and designed specifically to run on Microsoft's Small
Business Server (SBS) and Windows Server product lines.

AuthAnvil enhances online trust and enables secure remote access to
protected information assets by offering the ability to reliably prove user
identities through the use of strong authentication. Utilizing CRYPTOCard's event-based KT-1 keychain tokens that generate new one-time passwords (OTP)
for every login attempt, AuthAnvil makes it simple and cost-effective for
small businesses to eliminate the risks associated with traditional static

AuthAnvil increases security by preventing reuse, sharing, or theft of
passwords and thwarts phishing and other attacks targeting passwords. With
AuthAnvil, users never need to remember passwords, reducing help desk calls
and related costs. AuthAnvil also increases user satisfaction and
productivity by removing the need to manage password changes, and makes it
simple for SMBs to comply with new security legislation and privacy laws
such as SOX and HSPD-12.

"Scorpion Software was able to demonstrate the power and flexibility of
AuthEngine by developing in a matter of a few weeks, an effective and easy
to use authentication solution that meets the needs of SMBs," said Bill
LaHam, Vice President of Products and Business Development at CRYPTOCard.
"AuthAnvil is an incredible solution - its tight integration with Small
Business Server and well conceived management interface will have most SMBs
authenticating in a matter of minutes."

CryptoCard Inc.

Scorpion Software Corp.