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CryptoCard Intros Crypto-Mas

OTTAWA -- CRYPTOCard (, the leading authentication technology developer for heterogeneous environments, today announced that is has further enhanced its range of service offerings with the introduction of CRYPTO-MAS, a Managed Authentication Service that utilizes token-based two-factor authentication to protect companies and their employees against shoulder surfing, social engineering, and other forms of password theft. CRYPTO-MAS supports Windows, Red Hat, SuSE, and Mac OS X for software, smart card, or USB Dongle token users.

With CRYPTO-MAS users can log in from any workstation using CRYPTOCard’s two-factor authentication tokens. Trusted by major organizations in over 70 countries, CRYPTOCard’s tokens display a randomly-generated password for every log-on attempt, to not only make stolen credentials useless to hackers but also eliminate the need for users to memorize complicated passwords – significantly reducing the help-desk costs associated with lost or forgotten passwords, mandatory password complexity, and password expiration, and the security risk resulting from users writing them down. If ever lost or stolen, the token is useless as the user’s PIN is also required to gain access.

Organizations simply purchase hardware or software tokens from any of CRYPTOCard’s global channel partners, and then pay a low monthly CRYPTO-MAS subscription fee based on the number of users. This allows companies to avoid the expenditures required to purchase and support an authentication solution in house and frees valuable IT resources so they can be focused on other mission-critical activities.

“Password theft is one of the greatest threats facing network security today and many companies recognize the need for stronger authentication to protect their data and other digital assets”, said Jason Hart, CEO CRYPTOCard Europe. “While many companies recognize the problems associated with static passwords, most lack the requisite skills, manpower, infrastructure, or budget to implement a more secure two-factor authentication solution,” Hart continued. “That’s why CRYPTOCard’s Managed Authentication Service was developed.”

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