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Crowdstrike Puts APT Attackers On Notice

Crowdstrike is one of the most talked-about new companies emerging in the information security space. It's in stealth mode in the most public of ways, if that makes any sense. But it is about to launch, and it should be interesting because Crowdstrike offers something very different: a service that helps organizations identify and thwart (and maybe even pursue) adversaries.

CEO George Kurtz, who co-founded Foundstone, and was then CTO of McAfee, said that Crowdstrike is a big data company that identifies and prevents damage from targeted attacks (a.k.a., APTs, or advanced persistent threats). Most often, he says, organizations don't have a malware problem, they have an adversary problem.

Crowdstrike will offer intelligence as a service, high-end services, including the use of deception and disruption toward the adversary (an offensive strike), and predictive analytics that link who's doing damage, what tools they're using and what their intended purpose is.

Kurtz joined InformationWeek's Valley View recently and gave an Elevator Pitch on Crowdstrike. You can watch it in the video embedded below.

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