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Commodore 64 -- It's Baa-ack!

I remember long, long ago when I bought my Commodore 64, I thought I was the coolest kid on the block. I'd moved up -- I was "beyond" that Atari thing in my basement and its silly games. I was going to be using a "computer" from now on.

Of course, all I ever ended up doing was play games with the Commodore. I mean, really...who didn't? But like so many things of my youth (my Star Wars figures, my Transformers), my Commodore vanished into the musty realms of my garage, and eventually, I guess, the garbage bin.

No loss, right? I mean, who still uses that thing? Well, approximately 6 million Commodore users still do. And Tulip Computers knows it!

The Netherlands-based company and owner of the Commodore brand name (since 1997), is about to relaunch the system to take advantage of the interest in all those obsolete games. Once more, everything old is new again. If you've been saving those old games somewhere, you may find yourselves very popular...and maybe a few dollars richer.

Sigh -- I gotta start developing a "packrat" mentality.