7 Leading Causes of Cloud Outages

Human error, Mother Nature, power cuts, geopolitics, and more are among the leading causes of cloud outages that represent a growing network resilience challenge.

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Cloud outages can have severe impacts on a business financially and reputationally, with the average cost for one hour of downtime running at $365,000 an hour. As businesses shift more operations and sensitive data onto the cloud, the repercussions for even a few hours of downtime become more substantial. Sadly, the rate at which cloud outages are happening has increased every year, even as cloud service providers spend billions to ensure over 99 percent uptime.

Cloud service providers are facing threats from every angle. While natural disasters and cybercrime receive the most news attention, internal issues take up the lion's share of actual cloud outages, with human errors responsible for half of all system failures. That said, the leading cloud service providers are aiming to reduce the chance of any external threat penetrating the data center with new state-of-the-art facilities that have closed off electricity supplies and advanced cooling systems.

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