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Health Care Providers Shifting to the Cloud: Page 2 of 2

Feedback from health care providers is that Nirvanix's multitenancy in its cloud provided them with very high levels of security for their confidential patient records, and its global namespace approach gave them access to images at up to seven different locations worldwide. Health care providers also cited Nirvanix's partnerships with the likes of Acuo and other vendor-neutral archive products as providing a very powerful enterprise solution for their industry. Some health care providers were eager to see Nirvanix partner with other emerging technologies and open source providers. My next blog post will discuss this in more detail.

Overall, I predict that the health care sector will become a more rapid adopter of cloud technologies than other, perhaps more conservative, industries such as automotive and insurance. My rationale is pretty straightforward: Health care providers typically deploy leading-edge technologies. Also, in my opinion, CIOs and data center managers in this industry will emerge as true cloud thought leaders and will rapidly become the core talent of what I call those with "cloud know-how"--real-world, practical implementation skill sets that will greatly assist professionals in other industries in the acceleration of adoption and deployment of cloud solutions and technologies.

What do you think about cloud adoption in health care? What do you think about cloud adoption in other industries? Are you deploying, or thinking about deploying, cloud solutions and technologies? And, what other industries do you think are moving rapidly toward the cloud?

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