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Geminare's Recovery As A Service Provides Cloud Business Continuity

The addition of an enterprise version of Geminare's Recovery as a Service (RaaS) portfolio is very timely, according to several sources. The Toronto-based developer has released Cloud Recovery 2.0 Enterprise and Cloud Storage Assurance (CSA) 2.0 Enterprise, which it calls the first enterprise-class solutions for business continuity coupled with automatic file and e-mail archiving, search functions and audit capabilities. Geminare has added support for additional operating systems as well as features such as on-the-fly encryption, support for more than 250 servers per site and integration with additional cloud providers, as well as private clouds.

Geminare says CSA 2.0 Enterprise is the first auditable archive and
indexing platform that integrates with public cloud providers. It adds
Nirvanix, AT&T Synaptic, Rackspace and others to its roster of
supported cloud providers. Also new is the ability to do on-the-fly
encryption of data stored in the cloud and to run in indexing-only mode.
Geminare has also incorporated rapid E-discovery tools and reporting

"The RaaS market is growing, especially in the SMB and midsize enterprise spaces," says Deni Connor, Principal Analyst, Storage Strategies NOW. "Companies need to invest more because they rely on the data, and if it's not available they may fail."

The customer benefits are significant, she adds. "I think the focus on recovery is important from the standpoint of backing up and protecting data, but knowing you can get the data back is important. What Geminare offers, failover and recovery, is relatively fast, so much so that users may not even know that the server they're addressing is not their local server but a server at a remote facility."

This is a timely move because the RaaS market is developing quickly, and rather than playing catch-up to the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market, Geminare is starting to drive it. Based on Geminare's Server Replication offering, Cloud Recovery 2.0 Enterprise supports the key operating systems that large enterprises depend on: Linux, UNIX and AIX, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Sun Solaris and IBM's AIX, in addition to the current Windows Platform support. The company says that the addition of Linux alone will enable service providers to address close to 100 percent of the available enterprise market.