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Cloud Security Concerns: IT vs. LoB

The cloud is here. You may choose to use cloud-based applications with software as a service (SaaS). Alternately, you may choose your own applications resident in the cloud with platform as a service (PaaS). In either case, you will likely be concerned about the security of applications in the cloud. Everyone agrees that security is important, but those in IT versus those on the line of business (LoB) side have different perceptions of the risks when it comes to cloud-based applications.

(Image: Pixabay)

What’s in the Cloud?

You, like many other businesses, want to migrate to the cloud. You want to take advantage of unified communications and collaboration services that can be rapidly implemented, and which offer more features and functions while reducing your budget. The same thought process can apply to your contact center. The cloud is attractive for a variety of reasons, but the IT staff and LoB executives look at the security risks differently.

The Ponemon Survey

I recently read “Closing the Cloud Security Business Gap,” a Salesforce-sponsored survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute. The graphics in this blog are from the report.

The survey investigated a wide range of opinions, issues, and business positions dealing with cloud services. What I found interesting was that the IT organization’s view of security varies with the LoB. Because these two areas do not align themselves, there can be conflicts in creating procedures, implementing programs, defining budgets, and enforcing security.

The reasons for moving to cloud are common to both the IT organization and LoB. However, each group has different emphasis on the reasoning behind the move. IT wants to reduce costs, while LoB wants to increase efficiency and reduce deployment time. IT wants to improve security (24%) while LoB thinks this is less important (12%). 

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