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Cisco Security Report Sees Social Media Risk

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TOP STORY: Cisco Security Report Sees Social Media Risk

MORE NEWS: White House Issues Open Government Directive

ANALYTIC REPORT: Securing The Cyber Supply Chain

WHITEPAPER: Lower Your IT Costs and Risks

BLOG: IBM Fellow Says SOA More Relevant Than Ever

WEBCAST: Reducing Operating Costs Through Branch Consolidation

RESOURCES: Financial Services Techs: Ready for 2010?

InformationWeek Daily

 Wednesday, December 9, 2009 


"Computing is not about computers any more. 'It is about living."
-- Nicholas Negroponte 


Cisco Security Report Sees Social Media Risk

Bad passwords, inconsistent patching, excessive information sharing, and outdated AV software are key ingredients in what Cisco calls a security "nightmare formula."


Government Surveillance Of Social Networks Challenged

Global CIO: Fear Of Facebook For The Enterprise

Encryption Is Cloud Computing Security Savior


White House Issues Open Government Directive

The Obama administration outlines steps that federal agencies must take to become more open, participatory, and collaborative, including release of "high value" data.

Apple Pulls 1,000 Apps For Ratings Problems

Molinker is accused of falsifying 5-star ratings for its programs to boost its rating in the App Store.

Fujitsu To Offer Cloud Services

The company enters the ranks of cloud competitors, supplying compute infrastructure as a service through its expanded data centers.

Google Releases Chrome For Mac, Linux

Over a year after the release of Google Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux beta versions have arrived.

Publishers Collaborate On E-Reader Platform

Top magazine publishers will launch a digital storefront and software platform for publishing on e-readers, smartphones, and laptops.

Microsoft Dismisses BitLocker Threat

Software maker claims vulnerability exposed by researchers unlikely to occur in "real world."

EMC Launches Storage Automation

The company says its fully automated storage tiering technology will cut storage acquisition costs by 20% and trim storage operation expenses by 40%.

Sprint Completes iPCS Acquisition

The $831 million deal will end all pending litigation between the companies and expand Sprint's coverage area and number of subscribers.

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Securing The Cyber Supply Chain

Security experts advise government agencies and other organizations to take an end-to-end approach to securing their IT systems, one that includes suppliers and service providers. Read our report to learn how to get started in this emerging area.

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Lower Your IT Costs and Risks

The costs of server management, including power and cooling costs, will outpace the costs of buying these servers by a factor of four times and eight times respectively. Find out how a server makeover analysis can help you develop a high-level roadmap for your infrastructure.
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The Top 5 NAC Challenges, and How to Tackle Them

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Featured BloggerIBM Fellow Says SOA More Relevant Than Ever

Posted by Fritz Nelson

You can't help getting the impression from Kerrie Holley, IBM's CTO of its SOA Center of Excellence, of how much the idea of services remain the underpinning of everything.


Mayor Gavin Newsom: Role of Social in Govt (Part 3)

Posted By Fritz Nelson

In the final part of this three-part video interview series with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, we talked about the role of social networking, not just in winning a political race, but in ongoing government -- in building participation among citizens. He talks about his successes and failures, and what he's learned along the way.

Oracle Set For EU Showdown As Blind Call Ellison Lame

Posted By Bob Evans

As Microsoft and SAP prepare giddily to hammer Oracle in Brussels this week, those two big and dominant global companies damn well better remember that they could be next on the EU rack because the EU's objectives aren't about "fairness"--they're about politics and power. Appeasing the EU now won't grant them sanctuary later--it will only embolden the bureaucrats of Brussels.

Bank Login Stealing Trojan Threat Grows

Posted By George Hulme

Cisco released its Cisco 2009 Annual Security Report this morning, and it contains some interesting insight on many of the vulnerabilities and threat vectors we face today.

Windows 7 Upgrades Drop Ball On Data Migration

Posted By Alexander Wolfe

Today's experience of upgrading one's PC to a new operating system is qualitatively different from that of a decade ago. It's no longer so much about the OS. There's lots more user data--pictures and e-mails--to move over. And that experience, quite frankly, stinks.


Reducing Operating Costs Through Branch Consolidation

In this live Webcast, you'll hear how IT organizations are gaining the ability to completely virtualize their branch office operations, achieving a "serverless" state that eliminates redundant hardware and software, while slashing maintenance costs and IT complexity.

It happens December 15, 2009 @ 9:00 AM PT/ 12:00 PM ET

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Image Gallery: Ubuntu's DIY Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Using the Ubuntu open source platform, it's now possible to set up your elastic computing environment, connect it to Amazon EC2 and migrate it outwards if need be. Here's how.

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