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Chronicle Launches in US

NEW YORK -- UK-based Chronicle Solutions, publisher of netReplay™, the world’s first Enterprise-class Network Content Appliance, has expanded its global operations with the timely launch of a North American division. With headquarters in Washington, DC and subsidiary offices in New York City and Long Island, Chronicle Solutions is well positioned to dominate the US network content monitoring market.

Chronicle Solutions’ netReplay monitors, captures and text indexes all user network communications in real-time, enabling an organization to visually track, trace, and replay users’ digital content instantly, including: email, Webmail, Web pages viewed, Web forms submitted, Instant Messages, chats, blogs, FTP interaction, VoIP, all attachments including zip files, and more.

“The demand from U.S. organizations to meet compliance regulations, to detect internal suspicious activities and to have the power to prevent a potential crisis led to our expansion into the United States,” said Nick Kingsbury, CEO of Chronicle Solutions. “The sophistication of technology and Web applications are advancing rapidly, and it’s no longer feasible for an organization to protect itself without a product like netReplay™ that organizes the information in such a way that employers can easily view and retrieve when necessary.”

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