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CES Preview; Microsoft Slate PC?

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TOP STORY: CES Preview: Tablet PCs, Smartbooks Take Spotlight

MORE NEWS: Microsoft To Launch Slate PC Ahead Of Apple?

ANALYTIC REPORT: Open Source Clouds In Government

WHITEPAPER: Dell Migrates to Windows 7

BLOG: So What Are Microsoft's Tablets? Chopped Liver?

WEBCAST: Vendor Webcast: Extreme Manageability with Oracle Database 11g

RESOURCES: Year In Review: InformationWeek's 2009 Cover Stories

InformationWeek Daily

 Thursday, January 7, 2010 


"The really good people want autonomy -- you let me do it, and I'll do it... That's all they want. They want a chance to do it."
-- Gordon Bethune, former CEO of Continental 


CES Preview: Tablet PCs, Smartbooks Take Spotlight

Smartbooks and tablets have yet to excite mainstream consumers. The latest wave of always-on 'touchscreen devices may turn things around.


Freescale Intros Tablet PC Prototype

Lenovo Launches Skylight Smartbook

CES Tech Goes Tablet


Microsoft To Launch Slate PC Ahead Of Apple?

Published report indicates software maker plans to introduce Windows-powered tablet device at CES.

Cyber Thieves Raid School District Bank Account

Most of the stolen $3.8 million has been recovered and an investigation is underway.

Office 2010 Beta Draws 2 Million Downloads

Microsoft says users are testing the software in record numbers.

Full Nelson: Odyssey's Windows Mobile Manager Demoed

Mobile device management must become an IT priority, especially with so many new devices. Odyssey Software's Athena toolkit provides great depth and breadth, but it still lacks multi-platform support. Watch our Reviewcam video.

HP Unveils Touchscreen Mini PC

The Mini 5102, one of three netbooks Hewlett-Packard launched in advance of CES, features a multi-touch display, face-recognition software, and up to 10 hours of battery life.

Google Nexus One Reveals Retail Ambitions

The Nexus One, shiny and capable, isn't nearly as significant as Google's move into online retailing.

Broadcom Rolls 802.11n Routers For SMBs

The single-chip 11n routers are designed to speed the wireless movement of digital content in small and medium size businesses.

Caritas Offers Docs Athenahealth EMR Option

Caritas Christi Health Care will offer electronic medical record software from Athenahealth to its 1,700 doctors in New England.

Amazon Kindle DX Adds Global Wireless

The online retailer's largest e-book reader goes after the world market as competition for e-readers heats up.

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Open Source Clouds In Government

We look at the leading open source components used for cloud computing
and how those pieces fit together to create elastic, on-demand IT environments.
Whether government agencies are assessing internal clouds, public cloud services,
or private-public hybrid cloud environments, this report shows where open source
may fit into those plans.

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Outlook 2010

Don't break out the party hats just yet, but there are signs of optimism among the business technology pros we surveyed.

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Dell Migrates to Windows 7

See why Dell plans to deploy Windows 7 to its own 100,000 desktop and mobile PCs. Read this case study to learn how the deployment efficiencies of Windows 7 are accelerating and smoothing the early stages of Dell's migration.
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Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

Get our first volume of time-saving tricks for Windows 7. If you like this one, then check out Volumes 2, 3 and 4 too!
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Featured BloggerSo What Are Microsoft's Tablets? Chopped Liver?

Posted By David Berlind

Tuesday I listened closely Slate's Farhad Manjoo told NPR's Neal Conan the facts about Apple's forthcoming tablet PC: that there are no facts. Well, there's one: Everyone is putting faith in pure vapor as though the tablet mode of Microsoft's Windows 7 doesn't matter. What gives?


AT&T Makes Surprising Commitment To Qualcomm's BREW

Posted by Eric Zeman

Today AT&T announced that it will soon bring to market and support handsets running Qualcomm's BREW platform. This is a huge shift for AT&T, which has strategically relied on Java for its feature phones.

Cisco's Surging Orders Outpace Supply

Posted by Bob Evans

Cisco is experiencing surging demand for "high-priority IT initiatives" that have resulted in some of its switching, video, and router products being put on back-order. Cisco says it is striving mightily to "minimize any potential impact to our customers," and analysts say it could mean strong upcoming results for the company.

AT&T Bombshell: Android, webOS Coming Soon

Posted By Eric Zeman

AT&T dropped a bomb on the mobile industry during its press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show. It plans to offer five Android handsets from Dell, HTC and Motorola by June, and two Palm webOS devices "soon."

Panda Security: Malware Tops 25 Million In 2009

Posted By George Hulme

As I read PandaLab's Annual Malware Report, just published yesterday, the headline number of 25 million new malware samples struck me in this way: So What. And it leaves one wondering why some security vendors choose to focus so heavily on Fear, Uncertainly, and Doubt (FUD). Most of that "new" malware crud doesn't get anywhere.

Nexus One ETF To Cost A Weighty $550

Posted By Eric Zeman

Ouch. According to the fine print in Google's terms of service for the freshly announced Nexus One Android device, if you choose to leave your T-Mobile contract early, you're going to have to fork over a hefty $550 -- that's $20 more than it costs to buy the phone outright.

Cloud 2010: Hype Or Value?

Posted by Bob Evans

While an overabundance of breathless hype about cloud computing is certainly fouling the air these days, we're also seeing some very legitimate reasons to believe that a thoughtful cloud-computing strategy can offer great business value for CIOs in 2010. Here are five predictions from a venture capitalist on why this could well be the breakout year for the cloud.

Giving FSF Chief GNU-isance Richard Stallman The Credit GNU Deserves

Posted by David Berlind

After carrying-on for many years an on-again, off-again email-only relationship with Free Software Foundation president and founder Richard Stallman (or "Chief GNU-isance" according to the FSF staff), I finally met him today for a face-to-face interview.


Vendor Webcast: Extreme Manageability with Oracle Database 11g

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Internet Evolution need your help to make our
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Year In Review: InformationWeek's 2009 Cover Stories

2009 was a year of wrenching upheaval, as cloud computing, software as
a service, business intelligence, mobile computing, and other business
technology movements took center stage against the backdrop of a brutal
economy. InformationWeek's covers tracked it all. Get the full picture
here, with links to each of the InformationWeek issues.

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