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CES: Intel CEO Aims Beyond The PC

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TOP STORY: CES: Intel CEO Aims Beyond The PC

MORE NEWS: Global CIO: Cloud Computing's Deadly Vulnerability

ANALYTIC REPORT: Storage Automation: 8 Questions To Ask Before Buying

WHITEPAPER: Becoming a Better IT Organization

BLOG: Early Data Proves Droid Is Next Big Mobile Platform

WEBCAST: Vendor Webcast: Extreme Manageability with Oracle Database 11g

RESOURCES: Year In Review: InformationWeek's 2009 Cover Stories

InformationWeek Daily

 Monday, January 11, 2010 


"I'm not a genius. I'm just a tremendous bundle of experience."
-- R. Buckminster Fuller 


CES: Intel CEO Aims Beyond The PC

In his keynote, Paul Otellini demonstrated advances in mobile device applications and 3D content and launched an app store for netbooks.


Intel Debuts 32-NM Westmere Desktop Processors

Intel Recap: Atom, Nehalem Were 2009 Highlights

Top 10 Intel & AMD Stories Of 2009


Global CIO: Cloud Computing's Deadly Vulnerability

This one even trumps concerns about security, compliance, privacy, and management.

Mac OS X Vulnerability Posted

The vulnerability is a variant of an issue raised last summer.

AMD, IBM Forge Financing Deal In China

IBM and the chip maker have collaborated for years on a series of processor, server, and other partnerships.

CES: Panasonic Partners With Skype, DirecTV

Deals will bring videoconferencing and 3D TV content to Panasonic televisions.

CES 2010 Photo Gallery

Here's our visual tour of the people and gadgets on display at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

BMC To Acquire Phurnace

The startup is being picked up for its Java application management knowhow.

CES: Dell Intros Tablet PC Concept

The PC maker says it will also step into the smartphone market this year.

Tablet PCs: Learning From The Past

A look at the pen computers of the last two decades puts the current wave of slates, tablet PCs, and e-book readers into perspective.

Jobs Report: Tech Hiring Grew In December

IT sector weathered 2009 recession better than many industries, new data shows.



Storage Automation: 8 Questions To Ask Before Buying

When it comes to storage tasks, the best person for the job just might be a script. Yes, we're still struggling with vendor interoperability, but as storage virtualization provides a single point of entry into the stack, it's making automation not just feasible, but essential.

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Featured Report

29 Virtualization Terms You Need To Know

Maximize the value of virtualization for your business by understanding the terminology and jargon IT pros use. By mastering the terms in this exclusive how-to guide, you'll talk like a pro and enhance your knowledge of virtualization.

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Featured Report


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Becoming a Better IT Organization

Learn about the techniques and technologies that organizations should master on their way to management excellence.
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A Guide to Working in the Cloud

This video shows how companies can work with partners and customers to drive immediate business results. And it's so easy midsize businesses don't need to worry about complicated installations.
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Featured Blogger

Early Data Proves Droid Is Next Big Mobile Platform

Posted By Tom Smith

For one of the few times in memory, the industry hype - in this case, surrounding Android smartphones - appears to have been warranted. In just two months, Android has emerged as the second most popular platform used to access InformationWeek's mobile web site, pushing aside BlackBerry and taking a meaningful bite out of Apple's iPhone.


Servers 2010: Wonky Tech Trumps Hype Cycle

Posted by Alexander Wolfe

As in, we're chattering about the cloud-computing hype cycle, while they're striving to improve power-supply efficiency and build virtualization management dashboards.

Top 10 CIO Issues For 2010

Posted By Bob Evans

What's on your list of top priorities for 2010: Twitter policies? Amazon versus Azure? Vista versus Windows 7? Or how about cloud-computing strategies, attacking the 80/20 ratio, driving new revenue and customer engagements, predictive analytics, the transformation quotient, and much more? Check out our Top 10 CIO priorities list and let us know what you think.

Brooke Shields: The InformationWeek Interview

Posted By Eric Zeman

During CES, I had the opportunity to interview celebrity Brooke Shields. What was she doing at a technology trade show? Pitching LG mobile phones, natch. Here's what she had to say about AT&T, Apple, LG and Sprint.

The Best Acquisition Of The Decade

Posted By Andrew Conry-Murray

Big tech companies bought hundreds of smaller players from 2000 to 2009, but to my mind only one acquisition stands out as the smartest purchase of the aughts.


Vendor Webcast: Extreme Manageability with Oracle Database 11g

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Year In Review: InformationWeek's 2009 Cover Stories

2009 was a year of wrenching upheaval, as cloud computing, software as
a service, business intelligence, mobile computing, and other business
technology movements took center stage against the backdrop of a brutal
economy. InformationWeek's covers tracked it all. Get the full picture
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