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CES 2011 Preview: Top 10 Google Predictions

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TOP STORY: CES 2011 Preview: Tablets, Smartphones, And More

MORE NEWS: Top 10 Google Predictions For 2011

ANALYTIC REPORT: Outlook 2011: IT Trends to Watch

WHITEPAPER: 5 Best Practices to Optimize Server Infrastructure Costs with Virtualization

SLIDESHOW: Top 10 Mobile Stories Of 2010

VIDEO: Man Versus Machine

BLOG: 2011 Looks Bright For Windows Phone 7

WEBCAST: Where is your Data Tonight? A Lesson in Avoiding Headlines, Fines or Worse

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InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
Monday, January 3, 2011

"All you need is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure." -- Mark Twain




CES 2011 Preview: Tablets, Smartphones, And More

The electronics industry is gearing up for the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which kicks off January 6. The leading vendors are expected to introduce a host of eye-catching new offerings. Here's what InformationWeek anticipates will be unveiled at the show.


Microsoft To Launch 'iPad Killer' Tablets At CES

Tablet Vendors Preview CES Launches

Motorola Teases CES Tablet Launch


Top 10 Google Predictions For 2011

In the new year, Google TV will struggle but gain traction while Android thrives and Chrome OS proves surprisingly popular.

Skype Releases Apple iOS Video Chat

App allows recent iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices to make and receive video-enabled calls with Windows, Mac, Linux, and other iOS devices.

Verizon To Showcase Smart Home Monitoring At CES

The telecommunications company is taking a crack at offering an automated home service, a concept that has yet to gain much acceptance among consumers.

White House Reveals Plans For ExpertNet Wiki

The online tool will allow U.S. officials and policymakers to solicit input about decisions they're making from experts outside the government and from the general public.

California Agencies Favor Microsoft For Email

About two out of three state mailboxes will be migrated to Microsoft-hosted email, rather than a competing state system.

Europeans Approve Universal Smartphone Charger Standards

Fourteen phone manufacturers have committed to using the new MicroUSB-based design when developing phone charging devices beginning in 2011.

Facebook Holds Commanding Lead In Search

The social network held four of the top 10 terms searched in 2010 and recorded more site visits than any other Web property, reported Experian Hitwise.

LG Unveiling Smart TV Upgrader At CES

Device will turn regular televisions into Internet-enabled sets with access to premium online content, shows, Web sites, and LG apps.

EHR Incentive Programs Ready For Monday Launch

Eligible healthcare professionals and hospitals can begin registering to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid electronic health record payment system.

Trojan Targeting Android Phones

Geinimi malware displaying botnet characteristics can compromise a significant amount of information on a user's smartphone.

Outlook 2011: IT Trends to Watch

IT spending should rise in 2011, including increases in hiring and a surprising boost in data center spending.

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RFI: The New Data Center Network

Eight networking vendors provide detailed information for a network redesign to support server virtualization, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, storage and data convergence, and new Ethernet standards.

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5 Best Practices to Optimize Server Infrastructure Costs with Virtualization

This whitepaper reveals 5 best practices to maximize virtualization and an approach to identify efficiencies.

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The Compliance Trap

Compliance for compliance's sake is not a best practice in protecting cardholder data.
Learn why compliance is the byproduct of a well-executed information security program that focuses on risk management
and minimizes the use of compensating controls.
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Top 10 Mobile Stories Of 2010

The smartphone wars heated up, as Apple, Google, Research In Motion, Nokia, and Microsoft battled for dominance. The world of mobile computing was on a roll this past year and here are 10 of the biggest mobile stories of the past year.   View Now


Top 10 Healthcare Stories Of 2010

Top 10 Apple Stories Of 2010


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Man Versus Machine

IBM Watson computing system will compete on Jeopardy! against the show's two most successful and celebrated contestants   Watch

Trading Desk Of The Future: The Rise Of the Robo-Trader

Trading Desk Of The Future: Advanced Stats Hit The NBA




Featured Blogger2011 Looks Bright For Windows Phone 7

By Ed Hansberry

Windows Phone 7 didn't get off to a blazing start, at least by modern smartphone standards. Our basis for comparison is the iPhone, the device that redefined what a smartphone was. That sells millions within days of each new iteration and there are over 300,000 books and apps in the App Store. That doesn't mean though that Windows Phone is off to a bad start.


iPad's Competition Is Junk

By Ed Hansberry

The iPad wasn't the first tablet available, but it has far and away been the most commercially successful model. This has prompted others to get tablets out the door as soon as possible hoping to ride the coattails of the iPad to riches.

Worthy New Year's Resolution - Don't Text And Drive

By Ed Hansberry

The New Year is just days away and people will be making all sorts of resolutions. Many won't make it a full month or even a full week before falling back to their old ways. One resolution that is worth making a serious effort to keep though is no texting while driving.

SCADA Security Heats Up

By George Hulme

The use of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) devices is growing. That growth is expected to continue to soar. According to research firm Frost & Sullivan SCADA revenues will grow from $4.6 billion last year to nearly $7 billion in 2016. Question is: What about security?

HTC Wants To Tweak Windows Phone 7 Interface

By Ed Hansberry

Microsoft is trying to keep tighter control over what phone makers can do to the user interface of Windows Phone 7, but HTC wants to add its Sense special sauce to differentiate its phones from the competition. Will that be good for users?

Phony Phone Numbers

By Dave Methvin

How many Window Phone 7 units has Microsoft sold? For whatever reason, it's difficult for Microsoft to give a straight answer. That, of course, leads to industry speculation that things aren't going so well for Microsoft's new mobile platform.

Where is your Data Tonight? A Lesson in Avoiding Headlines, Fines or Worse

Since 2005, over 510,000,000 potentially sensitive records have been lost, stolen or mishandled. A slew of regulations now require breach notification, meaning enterprises must practice strong data protection. What role does encryption play in protecting data, and how is hardware-based encrypting different from alternatives? This session will review key concepts of encryption, industry standards from the Trusted Computing Group for hardware-based encryption, and deploying such drives in the enterprise.
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