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Cell Phone Gives Girl a Hot Pocket

Within the last few years there have been some stories circulating in an almost urban legend-eseque fashion -- tales of cell phones combusting. Many of these stories included an injury to the owner of the phone, because that person was either using it at the time, or was in close proximity to it when it went all "Flame on!"

Well as we all soon discovered, these stories weren't so much legend as legit. Cell phones have been igniting. The latest victim -- a 16 year old girl whose phone caught fire while in her back pants pocket. She suffered 2nd degree burns on her buttock. Fortunately she will be alright.

Previously, alot of these stories included the cell phone user being near a gas station, and somehow the phone ignited gasoline fumes. This poor girl however was volunteering in a youth center.

I decided to check my own wireless plan.

  • 500 anytime minutes
  • minutes shared between my phone and my wife's (ala a "family plan)
  • free chat time between those two phones
  • 1