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Zantaz Complies With EDRM XML

CAMBRIDGE, U.K. and PLEASANTON, Calif. -- ZANTAZ, an Autonomy company and the leader in the archiving, eDiscovery and Proactive Information Risk Management (IRM) markets, (LSE: AU. or AU.L), today announced that ZANTAZ Introspect is compliant with EDRMs Extensible Markup Language (XML) standard, EDRM XML 1.0. Autonomy ZANTAZ Introspect is one of the first e-discovery products to achieve compliance with the newly released XML standard, which was designed to improve interoperability and the transfer of electronically stored information (ESI) between applications involved in the discovery process.

The EDRM XML compliant ZANTAZ Introspect provides the following benefits:

  • Lower labor costs: IT departments, legal teams and service providers can significantly reduce the amount of manual effort spent transferring ESI from system to system
  • Fewer errors: Organizations can focus their efforts on a single standard schema, versus multiple schemas, to transfer ESI from system to system, reducing errors
  • Faster e-discovery: The ability to efficiently transfer data leads to a faster, streamlined end-to-end e-discovery process
  • Greater flexibility: Organizations have the freedom to choose “best-of-breed” products that offer interoperability, versus inferior products that must be pieced together

“The development of the EDRM XML standard shows a changing of the tides in the world of e-discovery best practices,” said George J. Socha, principal analyst with Socha Consulting and co-founder of the EDRM Project. “By implementing a standard way of managing the collaboration between technologies, EDRM has capitalized on the industry’s readiness to work together and move the entire industry forward.”

Zantaz Inc.