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You're Gonna Do What?

The primary connection for our Green Bay lab was down this morning - for no apparent reason. So after power cycling the router and proving to myself that it wasn't a problem on our end, I called our provider.
We traveled through the basic "what color is this light" game and of course all is well. Then the Tier 1 technician tells me with a straight face that he's going to "discharge the static on the line" and that it can take up to 5 minutes.

He's going to discharge the static on the line... by pushing a button on his screen. Yeah... and next he's going to blame solar flares for the outage.

Someone's been reading too much BOFH me thinks.

Finally I was given a ticket. Woo hoo! It's like winning the lottery. I have a ticket! An hour later a Tier 2 technician calls me.

So I walk through the basics with him and he wants me to read off the configuration from the router. I don't have the login/password so he gives me both of the default administrative logins for the router.

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