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The storage manager's job is arguably the most important one in the data center -- and increasingly, one of the most challenging.

After all, if information is power, and companies value data as their crown jewels, the protection and storage of that data has got to be top priority. Likewise, the folks in charge of data protection are the ones most vital to the IT operation.

So it's surprising that any large company would do without a dedicated team of storage experts. But that's just what guest columnist George Crump of consultancy Storage Switzerland talks about in his latest column. (See When to Dedicate Storage Staff.)

Despite the growing importance of storage technology to enterprise IT, companies persist in holding off on dedicating staff, Crump notes. The result can be chaos and frustration for the IT pros forced to tackle storage as an afterthought.

The reality is that storage is so important to any operation these days that giving it short shrift invites disaster. If anything, companies should be bolstering their existing storage departments, instead of deliberating about their existence.

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