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XML Acceleration Moves To New Blades

Colorado Springs, Colo. - Sarvega Inc., the startup using an all-software implementation of XML acceleration, will port its XML Speedway software to the BladeFrame system of Egenera Inc. The deal marks the first expansion of Speedway software in the server blade world outside of IBM, an original partner of Sarvega.

Sarvega has joined the Egenera Accelerate Alliance Program, and Egenera has joined Sarvega's Partner Program, said Girish Juneja, co-founder and senior vice president of product management at Sarvega (Chicago).

Founded in 2001 by a group that included Vern Brownell, a former chief technology officer for Goldman Sachs, Egenera (Marlboro, Mass.) has made inroads in the financial community and Fortune 100 corporations. Juneja said that Egenera's interest in financial extensions to XML was one of the factors that drove Sarvega to Egenera. The two companies expect Speedway to be used in XSLT, a transform standard that uses the XSL spreadsheet format to translate one XML document into another.

Egenera offers an 84-inch chassis, BladeFrame, that can accommodate two control-plane blades, two switch blades and up to 24 processing blades. The current generation of processing blade, or pBlade, offers two-way and four-way symmetric multiprocessing based on Intel Corp.'s Xeon processor.

In July, Egenera promised to offer a two-way pBlade based on the Itanium 2 processor. Juneja said that the Speedway port will include Itanium-based boards, though not in the original release of Egenera XML products.

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