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Xiotech Intros Products, Services

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Information is a double-edged sword. Harnessed and managed properly, information fuels customer acquisition, market expansion and new product and service development. Left unmanaged, it can lead to litigation, investigations, stolen trade secrets, privacy violations or, in extreme cases, a diminished ability to do business at all. With regulation and litigation costs on the rise, and information more portable than ever, effective and integrated information risk management is reaching the agendas of board members, corporate officers, in-house counsel, and records and information managers with increasing frequency and urgency.

In response to these needs, Xiotech Corporation today introduced an integrated information risk management model, and a comprehensive set of products and services, to assist midsized organizations in defining, developing and implementing an integrated information risk management program. This integrated approach will address litigation, investigation, regulatory, governance and business continuity concerns.

Xiotech Corp.