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The World Ends (Take MCMCXXIII)

So everyone knows that anything labeled "Critical" must be, like, really important, right? And if Microsoft labels something "Critical" then it must be just totally double-plus ungood, right? So when Microsoft comes out with a critical alert regarding a vulnerability in the software that lets you look at .JPG files, then we should all run outside and dash around in mad, tight little circles while screaming because, you know, the world is about to come to an end. Right?

If you've read this far and aren't yet laughing then you, my friend, need to walk away from the computer and breathe deeply for a little while. The folks over at have done their usual good job of figuring out what's important in this one--and the only thing that's really important is downloading the patch Microsoft has already released--and separating the heat from the smoke.

Breathe. Having survived a couple of tropical storms in recent weeks, I recommend it without reservation. I might even call it critical...