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Woo hoo!

I just happened to ping one of our class C's the other day out of frustration and guess what? Something responded. Hmmm...
Instead of adding a route, dudes at our ISP just assigned one to the DSL router. Without mentioning it to us. Nice.
After an hour spent reconfiguring our router, voila! We are live. And after two days of ripping out cables and putting in new ones we are almost ready to go. We're paying careful attention to cable management this time. We've even gone so far as to color code them - blue for primary network connections, another color for secondary, green for management and another for our IP based KVM.

We'll also be adding some databases to our infrastructure. While we're running as close to a real world production environment as possible, there are some things we require in order to support our editorial goals. DB2 is working fine, but we need to be able to test on multiple databases, so we'll be adding SQL Server shortly and, hopefully, one more RDBMS in the next few weeks. We'll replicate data between them to synchronize our corporate data and this should offer a bit more flexibility on the editorial side as well as better representing the real enterprise, which often runs at least 2, if not 3 or more, databases.
So cross your fingers - if all goes well tomorrow we'll be live again by the end of the day.