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The WLAN's Weakest Link: Page 2 of 2

The task group will be working hard on RSN at its next meeting, which starts March 9 in Dallas. But don't wait until RSN is a done deal to start your transition.

Remove the risk of preshared keys in RSN by deploying RADIUS immediately. Many WEP-keyed products already support 802.1x and RADIUS, and several good authentication options are available. EAP-TLS (draft-ietf-pppext-eap-ttls-02.txt) is getting most of the attention lately, but EAP-AKA (draft-arkko-pppext-eap-aka-08.txt) is a viable alternative based on per-station shared secrets, and Wi-Fi Protected Access is an interim version of RSN based on a mid-2002 draft of 802.11i. Use any one of them to get your transition going. As long as legacy wireless stations are in your network, robust wireless security will remain out of reach.

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