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Wit & Wisdom of Greg Reyes

Talk about mixed feelings... Greg Reyes, ex-CEO of the top SAN switch maker Brocade, has become the nation's first executive to be officially charged with stock options fraud. (See Reyes Charged With Fraud and Brocade: We're Clean.)

The feds couldn't have chosen a better example of corporate bluster and arrogance than Greg Reyes. Still, all the same, Reyes had no peer as an early and colorful spokesman for storage networking.

Indeed, he made great copy in the early days of Byte and Switch, as he eluded our interviews, avoided tough questions, refused to have Brocade's switches tested in our labs, and bolted from roving reporters. (See Greg Reyes, Chairman and CEO, Brocade, Greg Reyes, Chairman and CEO, Brocade (Part II), and Brocade Opens Nasdaq.)

At the same time, you had to hand it to the guy: When backed against the wall, Reyes fought back verbally against his critics, against financial analysts, against McData and Cisco. The result was always entertaining, and sometimes right on target.

Now, we know that only a team of lawyers is keeping this man's tongue in check as he faces the battle ahead. But we'd like to take this opportunity to tip our editorial hat to the verbal legacy he's already left behind. Without further ado, we present a list of memorable Reyes quotes, in chronological order:

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