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WinMagic, Microsoft Team

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario -- WinMagicR Inc., an innovative leader in full-disk encryption, is proud to announce it has joined Microsoft's SecureIT Alliance, a group of industry partners working together to develop security solutions for the MicrosoftR platform. As a member, WinMagic will be able to collaborate closely with Microsoft and other alliance members to improve platform-product interoperability and security to benefit mutual customers. WinMagic hopes to add value to the alliance through its vast experience in such areas as pre-boot integration of full-disk encryption with multi-factor authentication, simple management of keys/key files, and transparent compliance with IT security policies.

Microsoft's SecureIT alliance is an online community forum that provides members with the latest Microsoft platform information to assist in the development of innovative new security solutions. The alliance makes it simple for members to collaborate on such issues as security best practices and interoperability and integration of products/services.

"Security is an industry problem, so it makes sense for us to work together," said Gerry Albert, Director of SecureIT Alliance from Microsoft.

"Microsoft continues to reach out to industry partners, through the Alliance

and other means, so that through improved collaboration we can promote interoperable and secure products."

"WinMagic is proud to have joined Microsoft's forward-thinking SecureIT
alliance," said Garry McCracken, Vice President of Research & Development,
WinMagic. "Looking back over the last five to ten years, WinMagic has
provided leadership and technology advances in the areas of pre-boot
integration multi-factor authentication, management of keys and key files,
and IT policy compliance - these are areas we expect to add value to
SecureIT Alliance," McCracken continued. "The recently-released SecureDoc
v4.3's all-new capabilities and functionalities further underscore
position as a full-disk encryption leader, while reinforcing our continued
commitment to the Microsoft operating system."

WinMagic Inc.

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