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Windows SP2 Easter Eggs

I was going through the Top 11 submissions for an upcoming issue of Network Computing's Last Mile, where we asked you to tell us the "Top 11 undocumented Easter Eggs hidden within Windows XP SP2," and I was floored by the extensive, almost short story-like submissions. Since I couldn't fit them all into the final print story, here are a few of my favorites in a award format:

  • Best Obscure Reference Award
    Ray Gauthier

    Press Ctrl-Shift-F (to get the French version) and "Internet Connection
    Firewall" is replaced with "Maginot Line." And we all know how successful
    THAT was.

  • Best Too Much Information Award
    Arnold Febre

    Typing in 'aquarium screensaver' in the Help and Support search box
    gives you the cool aquarium screensaver found in XP Plus, but all the fish
    are dead. However, you can choose three fish you want to see dead from a
    set of 12 choices as well as their various states of decay (recently
    deceased and floating, recently deceased and sunken, barely eaten with
    eyes intact, half eaten with one eye gone, etc...).

  • Best Bad Mental Visual Award
    Doug Whitaker

    Hit Ctrl and click on the Windows Security Center systray shield to
    start a special Weezer 'Happy Days' music video in which a young Bill
    Gates wears a black leather jacket, plays the bongos and is very cool.